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Our Story

inspiremug love inspire trust empower someoneWe are a young startup company inspired by a family conversation at the dinner table with our 12 year old and 14 year old sons.  They wanted to find a way to bring hope and inspire others during these unprecedented times of a pandemic.  They saw how alot of people (adults, kids) were working on video calls and how plugged in we all were to the virtual world for work, school, family get together, friends etc.  
  • What if there is way to have reminders during our day that can change what we do for the better?
  • How do we teach others and help the people around us?
  • What words can trigger actions that become a catalyst for something bigger?
A simple white mug with an accent color with a single word on it. A single word that acts as a reminder for our purpose
InspireMug was born.
Each word means something different to us at that moment in time.  And in that moment, there are a realm of possibilities.  A set of choices. We may be in a difficult mental state or there may be a difficult problem we are trying to solve, but we see the word INSPIRE on our coffee cup.  And that can become a catalyst for our mind to shift.  Possibilities.    
Our genuine hope is that these words trigger an emotion for you and can support our cause to change the world, provide hope or just be an ear for someone when they need someone the most.  

Thank you for reading and supporting our story. 


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